Wartmann Technology offers customised solutions for gas-tight welded and ready-to-install SF6 components used in electrical power transmission. Our continuous flow production and technical know-how make for efficient manufacturing. Wartmann Technology runs a highly automated operation, capable of producing large quantities in a short time. All the necessary testing can be performed in-house. Processes at Wartmann Technology are certified according to ISO 9001:2008/3834. Europe’s largest producers of electrical power distribution equipment – global concerns like Siemens, ABB and GE – put their confidence in Wartmann Technology. This underlines our leading role in the energy technology field. Wartmann Technology products also find use in prestigious projects such as the Itaipu hydropower plant in Brazil and the Three Gorges Dam power plant in China.


Welding of aluminium

Welding of stainless steel

TIG plus pole welding

DIN EN 15085-2,CL1

Plasma MIG welding

TIG Helium welding

X-ray inspection

EN ISO 3834:2005

Helium testing

Wet Painting

Powder Coating

SVTI 201 / 501 / 704




Extension housings are used to interconnect switchgear and bridge larger distances, for example from the switchgear to outgoing lines that connect with the high-voltage grid. These housings commonly consist of pressed or spiral welded aluminium tubes, with flanges made from wrought or cast alloys.
Wartmann Technology specialises in the manufacture of extension housings.




Special housings are primarily used to fulfil specific tasks, for example

  • Components for arrester housings
  • Compensator housings
  • Bus bar housings

These housings are often fabricated from a longitudinally welded jacket, which is then welded to flanges made from wrought or cast alloys.




Wartmann provides aluminium components for power transmission in welded housings. Installed in housings, they form component parts of gas-insulated switchgear and their field interconnection systems.