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Wartmann Technologie AG

The core competence of Wartmann Technologie AG is Welding of aluminum and stainless steel. We apply Various methods such as plasma MIG or TIG helium. Recently we have a self-developed Friction welding system.

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Energy Technology

Wartmann Technologie AG

Wartmann Technologie AG Offers customized solutions for gas-tight welded and ready-to-install SF6 components for power transmission. Our flow production and our technical know-how allow rational production.

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Vehicle technology

Wartmann Technologie AG

Wartmann Technologie AG sells tankers for almost every liquid transport in the area of dangerous goods, food, disposal, etc. These are used as truck superstructures, trailers, semi-trailers, bins and special constructions.

A pressure vessel you can trust

If you use a pressure vessel in your plant or factory, you'll understand the importance of structural integrity and overall safety. A pressure vessel is designed to hold gas or liquid at incredibly high pressure so it's vital that it's up to the task. At Wartmann Technology AG, we specialise in every aspect of pressure vessel testing and welding and our services are valued by clients all over Europe and further afield.

Leading the way in pressure vessel technology

Wartmann Technology AG is a prestigious Swiss-based company and a world leader in pressure vessel manufacture and testing. Your pressure vessel should be able to perform the task it was designed for safely and effectively. Our dedicated team continues to innovate and develop in order to offer our clients the type of pressure vessel they can depend on and every Wartmann product is created with care and attention to detail. The company is at the forefront pressure vessel development and uses only the most reliable materials and manufacturing techniques. You're assured of a pressure vessel that is robust and secure and which can be operated safely for many decades.

Our pressure vessel services are chosen by some of the world's leading names in a wide range of sectors including engineering, manufacturing, nuclear storage and energy and the vehicle industry. Pressure vessel manufacture, testing and finishing is part of our core area of competence along with aluminium and steel welding. We use various welding methods including TIG helium and plasma MIG and have recently developed and introduced a unique stir welding system for products that require round welding.

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Our many years of experience and expertise assures you of a premium product that you can rely on whether you're responsible for the day to day management of a large scale operation or a small plant. Perhaps you require a pressure vessel to securely contain large amounts of liquid or gas or maybe you need a compact unit that can fit a certain space. At Wartmann Technology AG, we're happy to answer all your queries regarding pressure vessel manufacture, maintenance and servicing. We can help you to create a customised container or tank should you have specific demands or requirements and we also perform pressure and helium leak tests in order to maintain optimum performance and overall safety. Take a look at our range of pressure vessel options at You'll discover a comprehensive range of products and services as well as details of our many areas of knowledge and expertise.

Wartmann Technology AG specialises in prototype construction as well as individual product and series development for an international client base that demands the best. Do feel free to contact us by email or telephone should you have any questions regarding the manufacture, installation or maintenance of your pressure vessel.

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