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Performance spectrum

Wartmann Technologie AG

The core competence of Wartmann Technologie AG is Welding of aluminum and stainless steel. We apply Various methods such as plasma MIG or TIG helium. Recently we have a self-developed Friction welding system.

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Energy Technology

Wartmann Technologie AG

Wartmann Technologie AG Offers customized solutions for gas-tight welded and ready-to-install SF6 components for power transmission. Our flow production and our technical know-how allow rational production.

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Vehicle technology

Wartmann Technologie AG

Wartmann Technologie AG sells tankers for almost every liquid transport in the area of dangerous goods, food, disposal, etc. These are used as truck superstructures, trailers, semi-trailers, bins and special constructions.

Gas insulated Switchgear - the pros

Wartmann Technology's gas insulated switchgear is the ideal solution for those with less space as well as for large-scale developments. Traditional air insulated switchgear requires a vast amount of space and, although slightly more expensive, more plant managers are choosing gas insulated switchgear as a flexible and reliable alternative. Wartmann Technology AG creates customised gas insulated switchgear solutions for clients around the globe and we also specialise in gas-tight welding and ready to install SF6 components for electric power transmission.

Why choose Wartmann Technology AG for your gas insulated switchgear?

Leading industrial brands such as Siemens, Alstom and ABB choose Wartmann AG as their partner in the creation of safe and reliable gas insulated switchgear. Our efficient manufacturing methods, constant flow production and technical expertise and know-how have made us the 'go to' name for gas insulated switchgear components and parts. Innovative methods such as radial friction stir welding technology enhance performance and efficiency. We also specialise in the manufacture of extension housings that can interconnect gas insulated switchgear and bridge greater distances. These unique housings generally consist of spiral welded or pressed aluminium tubes with flanges made from cast or wrought alloys. All gas insulated switchgear testing is performed in-house and our processes are certified according to ISO9001:2008/3834.

The world of gas insulated switchgear

Wartmann Technology AG continues to play a leading role in the energy technology sector and you'll find our gas insulated switchgear components in use in power plants all over the world. Our products are part of many prestigious projects and recent successful enterprises include the vast Three Gorges Dam power plant in China and the Itaipu hydropower plant in Brazil. However, not everyone requires gas insulated switchgear on such a large scale and we're always ready to listen to your specific requirements. We offer customised solutions to fit your needs and budget and no project is too large or too small. Take a look at some of the components and processes that we use to help you create gas insulated switchgear at You'll also find details of our many specialised services and areas of expertise, allowing you to make a more informed choice. Of course, aluminium and steel welding is our primary area of competence so you can count on parts for your gas insulated switchgear system that won't let you down. All Wartmann Technology AG welded gas insulated switchgear housings and extensions are built to last and are the ideal illustration of our commitment to outstanding production methods that combine the latest technology with Swiss precision and know-how.

Do contact us if you have any questions regarding gas insulated switchgear or any of our specialised services. We excel in the creation of customised solutions that take all of our client's needs into consideration. From start to finish, we'll assist you through each step in the design and manufacture of your gas insulated switchgear.

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