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Wartmann Technologie AG

The core competence of Wartmann Technologie AG is Welding of aluminum and stainless steel. We apply Various methods such as plasma MIG or TIG helium. Recently we have a self-developed Friction welding system.

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Energy Technology

Wartmann Technologie AG

Wartmann Technologie AG Offers customized solutions for gas-tight welded and ready-to-install SF6 components for power transmission. Our flow production and our technical know-how allow rational production.

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Vehicle technology

Wartmann Technologie AG

Wartmann Technologie AG sells tankers for almost every liquid transport in the area of dangerous goods, food, disposal, etc. These are used as truck superstructures, trailers, semi-trailers, bins and special constructions.

Exceptional aluminium welding services

Wartmann Technology AG specialises in aluminium welding for clients in a wide range of sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, power, the vehicle industry and technology. Our aluminium welding techniques have been developed over many years and have made us the first choice for some of the world's leading industrial brands. Whatever your aluminium welding requirements are, you can rely on us for an efficient and affordable solution.

Aluminium welding that fits your needs

Wartmann AG is family controlled business based in Oberbipp, Switzerland that leads the way in industrial aluminium welding. Established in 1947, the company has diversified its services to meet the needs of its customers in Europe and further afield. In 1975, we switched from working with steel to stainless steel and aluminium and our aluminium welding services are in greater demand than ever today. Our many years of experience plus our innovative aluminium welding techniques allow us to find the right solution for clients with a diverse range of needs. Our fields of expertise include plasma MIG aluminium welding as well as TIG welding for stainless steel. We even developed a friction stir welding system in-house which is now part of our serial production method and you can learn more about this and our various aluminium welding services at

More about aluminium welding

Aluminium can be a tough material to work with but its many uses in the vehicle, engineering and power sectors have made it one of the most popular options for a wide range of applications. It naturally has a tough oxide layer that protects the metal but this layer acts as a barrier in both brazing and aluminium welding. It's also an exceptionally efficient heat conductor so it's imperative that the right aluminium welding techniques are adhered to in order to avoid heat travelling down and creating dents and blow holes in other parts of the component. Wartmann Technology AG continually strives to improve and develop its aluminium welding techniques to combat naturally occurring problems such as these. Our depth of knowledge and hands-on experience coupled with the latest processes and technology means that whatever your aluminium welding needs, you can rely on Wartmann. We provide a customised aluminium welding service that enables you to create the parts or products you require with the minimum of fuss. Our friendly team is on hand to assist with all of your aluminium welding problems and to help you find solutions that really work.

No job is too large nor too small and we'll keep you informed through each step of the aluminium welding process. We also offer a range of testing and coating services to ensure that your product is of the highest quality and finish. Take a look at some of the aluminium welding services we provide at or contact us directly for further information or assistance.

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