Silo vehicles

Tiltable and horizontal silo constructions and silo vehicles made of aluminium, intended for the transportation of loose goods like cement, gypsum, flour, cereals, salt, etc. Our main focus is, however, on the transport of wooden pellets being delivered in the well-known TROPPER silos. On the service side, we offer you the following services for all brands: Retrofitting of complex exhaust air filter systems, replacement of worn unloading pipes of aluminium or Inox, treatment of cracks in the silo container, official calibration of weighing systems, and much more.


  • Fabrication to customer-specific requirements
  • Broad sales range
  • Comprehensive advice
  • High quality
  • Strong service orientation
  • Competitive prices

Contact Person.

Martin Eichholzer
Sales vehicle engineering
+41 32 636 52 63

Rolf Bader
Technics vehicle engineering
+41 32 636 52 65

Andreas Kurth
Sales vehicle engineering
+41 32 636 52 61

Marco Stilla
Service manager vehicle engineering
+41 636 52 64